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“General practice is facing unprecedented pressure. Demand is exceeding capacity, patients are facing longer delays and abuse in practice is rising as a result”.

We are very lucky here at Alconbury & Brampton Surgeries, the majority of our patients are wonderful and supportive of the work we do, however we have seen a steady rise in the number of incidents where patients have become verbally abusive to staff when we are at capacity, or become unhappy when we sign post to someone other than a GP to meet their needs.

We now have a much expanded team at the surgery of exceptionally skilled, qualified healthcare professionals who have the experience and competency to treat many of the patients who traditionally believe they need to see the GP.

On the team

πŸ’ŠPharmacists, who carry out medication reviews and deal with prescription queries, they can also provide information around pregnancy testing and the morning after pill.

🦡Physiotherapist, our Musculoskeletal specialist, for sprains, sports injuries and muscle pains. Additionally, our Physio is also qualified to give steroid injections for joint care.

πŸš‘Paramedics assess and treat minor illnesses, and help to provide more on the day emergency appointments to relieve pressure on our GP’s. They also work hard in the community and in our care homes.

🀝Social Prescriber: Connects people to community groups and statutory services for practical and emotional support.

πŸ“…Care co-ordinator looks at how care is allocated and ensures our patients are getting the intervention to care they require. This can include making sure patients receive notification of vaccinations they are eligible for, diabetic checks are carried out, people are recalled for Smear tests on time and so on (the list is long)! They may contact you regarding your appointments.

πŸƒβ€Health & Wellbeing Coaches use health coaching skills to support people to develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become active participants in their own care, this allows people to reach their own health and wellbeing goals.

πŸ’™Dementia Consultant Nurse, a new role to the practice. We are fortunate to have a specialist nurse, working with patients, their families and our other clinical staff to help educate and make sure people with dementia are receiving the very best care and intervention.

🀰Midwives, hold weekly clinics so expectant mothers can attend for their check ups.

We are always looking for ways to improve or to continue to provide the very best service we can in the most demanding of times.

Our clinical teams work very closely together, so if you do come and see any of our healthcare professionals, they are always able to get advice and support from other healthcare professionals who may be more qualified in a particular area.

Be kind to our reception teams, they are signposting you to the most appropriate person based on the symptoms you have given them. Clinical staff will always refer your care to someone more appropriate if required.