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From July 2020, the way a pregnant patient registers their pregnancy has changed.

The patient must now self-refer to the Midwifery team at Hinchingbrooke Hospital using a link from the North West Anglia Foundation Trust website.  

  1. Patient to click on following link:
  2. Click on Maternity referral form, add details, a referral is sent directly to the Midwife. (A text confirmation service is currently being set up so that the patient will receive confirmation that their referral has been received. However in these early stages please reassure patients not to worry if they do not receive any confirmation) After selecting the ‘I’m Pregnant’ options, patients have a page with information and a leaflet which outlines the choices, which should be read before clicking on the self-referral form called ‘Your Choices’.
  3.  There is an option to select either Peterborough City Hospital or Hinchingbrooke Hospital self-referral forms. Patients should select Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

Patients can find contact details for the Hunts midwifery team – tel: 01480 418629, together with links to the following support organisations:

The more you know about your pregnancy and your options, the more you are likely to feel in control. The information given here is based on The Pregnancy Book, which your midwife should give you at your first appointment.   

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